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The Woofy Wellness Ranch & Woofy Bus day school services will be closed on Thursday, July 4th & Friday July 5th. We hope you and your family have a safe and happy holiday! Check out our newest Woofy Bus Stops at The Center West Apartments & The Westbrook at Brewers Row!


That’s why we created our patented, all inclusive, canine wellness system that provides ultra-convenience for you and the utmost enjoyment for your pooch. Our Woofy Bus® provides the transportation for your dog to and from our Woofy Wellness Ranch®. While here our guests have access to our innovative, behavior based Day School, Training, Grooming, Veterinary Services, and Boarding Services. Most of all, your pup gets a day of the highest quality care with our expert staff and you gain peace of mind and free time!


Day School

Our day school offers closely managed play groups that provide an all day, educational experience that teaches your pooch how to properly socialize with other dogs and people.


The Woofy Wellness Ranch® offers a wide variety of training services to help your dog “bone up” on his/her behavior.


Does your fur baby want a sleep over? Both of our Boarding options feature full access to our innovative day school for your pooch each day with no extra charges for walks or play time! Our guests also have access to all of our services while they are with us as well.


The Woofy Wellness Ranch® also offers the best in grooming services. Whether it’s a quick trim or a full “salon treatment” we can give your pooch what he or she needs! Just let us know what is necessary, or we can even manage your grooming needs for you!


While at the Woofy Wellness Ranch®, your dog will have access to the highest quality veterinary services. Simply schedule the necessary services or let us manage them for you and your pooch will receive whatever he needs while you tend to your daily tasks.

Woofy Bus®

It’s never been easier to give your furry friend the care he or she deserves. Just drop your pup off at one of our convenient stops for a fun bus ride to the Woofy Wellness Ranch® where he or she will enjoy the highest quality care available. Each Woofy Bus® features a patented design that provides the safest and most enjoyable transportation a dog could wish for! We offer flexible drop-off and pick-up schedules to offer ultimate convenience.

Wellness Ranch

Each Woofy Wellness Ranch® also offers comprehensive canine wellness services. Let us proactively manage your dog’s wellness needs so you don’t have to! Nails need trimming? Vaccinations due? Let us monitor your dog’s needs, schedule appointments, and provide the service, all while you are at work. Just think, no more Saturdays spent at the groomers or vets!


“Our energetic Border Collie has been going for almost a month now and we have noticed an wonderful improvement in her temperament, and her overall behavior. She comes home much more mellow, and she seems to have matured in a short amount of time. Bill, the trainer, has made some very good suggestions for how to get her to walk on a leash without pulling, and Jeff says that she has many “friends” who she likes to play with. We are very pleased with how she is doing at “daycare” and we know that our dog, and all of the dogs, will be kept busy, well taken care of, and there will be no fights. We are very glad that Jeff started Woofy and we would encourage anyone interested to send their dogs. We are happy we did.”- Doug M

“We recently bought a new dog and since we both work, we went in search of a daycare facility. We knew what we didn’t want … Mica to be in a kennel or crate all day while we both worked. But we weren’t sure what we were looking for.

That is until one day when my Wife saw the Woofy Bus in our area.

When I went to check it out before I brought Mica, it was everything we were looking for. Real dog people that genuinely cared for your dog as if it were their own … in fact, many of their own dogs are there with them, too.

Mica plays all day and has a great time … and the Woofy Bus picks her up and drops her off right at the door of my office near Innsbrook. Curbside service … you can’t get any better than that!

We can’t recommend the folks there enough … they have been a dream come true for our family!”- Chris A

“Maddie, my 1 year old and I LOVE Woofy Wellness! The convenience of the Woofy bus picking him up each Wednesday is great. He loves playing with the other dogs and is totally worn out when he is delivered back at the end of the day. The staff are all very caring and have offered really good suggestions about puppy behavior issues. He is better behaved since going to Woofy Wellness & I highly recommend it to others!”- Jackie G

“At Woofy you’ll find the best dog people, at the best dog place.”- Matt O

“We have been so pleased with the daycare services at Woofy! Our dog Reese goes once a week and it has really helped him learn how to interact with other dogs and feel more comfortable in situations where there are other dogs and a lot of people. The Woofy bus service is exceptional and super convenient too! Jeff is wonderful, cares about the dogs as if they were his own, and goes out of his way to check in on Reese and send us updates throughout the day. We love that pictures are posted on social media throughout the day too! Highly recommend!!!”- Kaitlin P

“So happy I took my new rescue, Rocko, to Woofy for a day. It was a great way for him to be socialized with both furry friends and people! Not to mention, during our orientation/site visit, the trainers took the time to teach me a few things to work on with Rocko at home. All of their help was super appreciated — they even offered to meet at a time that worked with my schedule (which happened to be outside of their usual hours). Rock-dawg had an absolute blast. The trainers sent me updates throughout his first day which was so comforting as well. I am excited to try their overnight boarding services the next time I go out of town… he might even come home with some new tricks!”- Katelyn S.

“My dogs absolutely love getting on the Woofy Bus! Everyone who works there genuinely cares about the dogs and the pups always come home tired and happy. I appreciate that they group the dogs based on temperament as one of our dogs is more “selective” about who she will be friends with. Thank you Woofy!”- Katie C

“When I tell Roxie the Woofy Bus is coming she sits at the window waiting and when it shows up her ears quiver she is so excited! I’m pretty sure she would happily leave us and live there! She absolutely loves it! And I LOVE my very sleepy, calm dog when she comes home”- Melissa T

“Thank you for allowing Spade to celebrate her birthday. What fun sharing with my clients Spade celebrating her birthday at Woofy. Each of them adding personal thoughts on what the scene might have looked like. It was so fun for us and we were not even there!

This morning, Tony made my day when he met Spade and myself – excitedly engaged Spade with “Come on Spade we have a Birthday party to get to!” Again affirmation that our dogs are treated with so much love while they are at the ranch. Thanks Tony for making my day, and thanks for continual tails a wagging.”- Joan P

“Thank you so much for all that you are doing for us! I definitely feel more relaxed knowing our dogs are in good hands while I am away! I know Eva adores you guys!!”- Jeanine W

“As an owner of 2 little dogs, I love that the dogs are separated by size — I appreciate their attention to so many safety details!!! They are also great with the dogs — one of my pups is usually shy with strangers, but Jeff had her in his lap within minutes. They get so excited when we are approaching the Woofy Bus — so convenient for me and the pups come home relaxed and happy! Win-Win!”- Sharon S